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Jewellery app is a photo editing app where you can try and wear jewelry virtually. Fortry purpose no need to went to a jewellery shop or buy online, you can try jewelry and makeup photo editor which gives you a virtual platform where you can check which one design suit you. We provide different types of Gold, Diamond, platinum Jewelry items, we provide the latest jewelry design also. Jewellery editing app provides jewelry stuff like Necklace, Earrings, Tikka jewelry, Bindi, ornament, crown, Hairstyles, Traditional suits and also beautify their faces with our makeup tools like face toner, blemish remover, foundation and hair color changer.

By using Jewellery camera app you can try different photo effects and photo filters on your selfie picture or pick image from gallery , even you add sticker and quote or text with colorful fonts.we have some expert whose work is jewellery making virtually , we provide some new designing jewelry that is not available in the real market you can try for that and share with friends and family on social media like facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

Are you planning obtained your cousin wedding reception or you have your own marriage soon or you going to a party and you want to buy a necklace, traditional suits, earring, etc. but before buying you want to check your self which necklace design suits you so try necklace photo editor app where you can try virtually. In this app, we provide you whole necklace set where you can find barbie necklace, beaded necklace, bridal necklace, flower necklace, Diamond necklace, necklace Haar,fancy jewelry crafted necklace, a gold necklace with feature like necklace photo editing.

An ear without earring like a flower without a scent. Earrings App provides virtual earrings that you can try virtually.earrings photo editor app provide different variety of earring such as gold earring, diamond earring, platinum earring,jhumka earrings, Hoop Earrings, Handmade Earrings, silk thread earrings, crochet earrings, crafted earrings, long earrings, short earrings, baby earrings, etc.

A bindi is a colored dot worn on the center of the forehead. Indian traditional suit does not look perfect without a bindi. Bindi suits on Indian saree. Bindi photo editor app is photo montage which provides Bindi sticker that you can add on your picture. bindi editor App provides a different variety of Indian tradition bindi with so many color option and color changing option is available. So try all the bindi on your face and save it which one suits you. Bindi makeup app allows you to add bindi on your image that makes your selfie or picture more attractive and beautiful. Tikka App provides tikka jewelry that you can add on your forehead. Tikka photo editor provides different types of tikka jewelry such as gold tikka jewelry, diamond jewelry, platinum jewelry, etc.

Jewellery and makeup Camera allow you take a selfie from the app and can add jewelry on your image with feature like jewellery beauty Plus Camera.jewellery beauty Makeup provide tools that can remove your acne,dark spot, mole ,pimple , scar,wrinkle etc.jewellery camera app provide virtual jewellery sticker to all like girls,bride,working women,dulhan,housewives etc. It's absolutely FREE and easy to can check live which jewelry suits you.It’s like a virtual women beauty Parlour.

Feature :

Jewellery makeup camera
Jewellery designer set
Jewellery crown photo editor
Jewellery Editor App
Jewellery photo frame
Jewellery Image editor
Jewellery photo editor
Marriage jewellery photo editor
Nose jewellery photo editor
Jewellery Photography App
Jewellery sticker App
Jewellery Makeup App
Bridal photo makeup Jewellery
women makeup app

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